Marco Silva criticizes the media for giving “ETH” news space that is not relevant.

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Fulham head coach Marco Silva slammed the media to stop acting with double standards. Following the trend of making a living with big clubs. Such as the case of Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag coming out to demand that. The young tycoon apologize for the post a Tiktok clip. That is, it is not a story that has created a trend for many days.

The issue is that Fulham’s official TikTok account uploaded a clip of the game United lost 1-2 weeks ago, in which Bruno Fernandes, United’s captain fell in front of the penalty area. Because he was hit by Zaza Luigi. The shock was light. But when their own side still had control of the ball and continued to attack. He jumped up and looked blank  ทางเข้า UFABET 

causing netizens to catch on Taking clips of the incident to criticize on social media. It became a ‘Bruno Drama’ trend until this image made many enemies in the industry. Want to take the ‘Red Devils’ playmaker seriously? 

Ten Haak was not satisfied and urged him to The ‘Little Magnate’ came out to apologize to Bruno for creating a bad public perception. They also called on league referees to keep an eye on opponents who try to play outside of the game. 

The story seems to escalate. Silva believes the opposite will happen to them. Then he himself came out to demand It would be like throwing out a fart because Fulham, just a small team, can’t hang on. 

Silva said:

“Because it was a response from Erik ten Hag,” Silva said at a press conference before the meeting with Brighton (March 2).

“Whenever the team manager comes out to protect his own subordinates, That’s normal. If it were me, I would protect my own child with all my might.” 

“I heard you say you didn’t see the clip. But can you respond to questions? Think you’re protecting your own players. Let’s understand that.”

“It is an issue because they are Manchester United Conversely, if it was a counterattack by Marco Silva, it would all be over in 10 seconds.” 

“Keep asking about the TikTok drama. I would like to talk about the team’s performance.” 

Bruno has become a real target due to the ‘ drama ‘ trend , such as the FA Cup 5th round game against Forest, where he was constantly being teased.