Arteta waits for Jesus to be 100% fit before kicking.

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Miguel Arteta, Arsenal‘s head coach said in a press conference before meeting Sheffield United (4 March) that. He would not force the use of forward Gabriel Jesus. The starting line-up was because the stadium had been deserted for a long time and lacked match fitness. At best, it’s just the name of the competition.

Jesus has a problem with his left knee and has just returned to the reserve list. And was not used in the English Premier League game, defeating Newcastle 4-1 last week. Which was encouraged by the positive direction of the Brazilian star Arteta. Sent to play with 11 starting players at Bramall Lane. But the 41-year-old manager is not pushy and wants to avoid all risks ทางเข้า UFABET 

Arteta said :

“He is fit enough to play. But there is a question about how long he abandoned the field. Maybe that’s the difference. We don’t want to take any risks after the result we received against Newcastle.”

“Honestly we need to get him fit. ‘Gabby’ is a very important player for us. And we have to make sure before using it. Plus, there are plenty of options up front.” 

“The matter of going into any process doesn’t happen – it’s the result when he’s injured in another position. Resulting in another type of injury.” 

“It had nothing to do with the pain in the first place. After which he was a little sore. It’s a muscle problem that I need to rest for 10 days.” 

“Probably not to the point of going under the scalpel. I think the problem has been sorted out as far as I know.” 

“There may be very specific questions to ask the doctor. But the matter I was worried about has been resolved.”  

Jesus played only 17 league games this season, scoring 4 goals, 3 assists. The last time he started was at the end of January , defeating Forest 2-1 .